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Moss Rose Community Brass Band started in mid-2009 with the goal to provide members of the Moss Rose estate and surrounding area somewhere to come and learn and play a brass instrument with other.  Most of the members having no musical background, the band gave their first performance on the 26th June 2010 at the Ashgrove Academy, where they still rehearse today.  


The Band are very fortunate to be lead by Andy Crosland who has a wealth of experience playing (about 50 years).  Having played at the Championship level with VBS Poynton, he is now Solo Euphonium at Bollington and also conducts the Camping and Caravan Club Brass Band.

Performing various styles of music to suit the venue, the band perform regularly at Macclesfield's Treacle Market and other local churches and school fetes.


Wednesdays Evenings

7.15pm - 9pm

Ash Grove Academy

Belgrave Rd


SK11 7TF


Having got through the last few years of Covid and lockdowns, we are a little light and would welcome any new players. 

We would be particularly keen if you were a;

  • Cornet

  • Soprano Cornet

  • Tenor Horn

  • Eb or Bb Bass

So if you're at home practicing alone and fancied something to do on a Wednesday Evening, get in touch. 


Thanks for submitting!

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